Thursday, 27 July 2017

These are a few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things just a little list of things I like

1. My family

I am so lucky to have a wonderful family, I have two loving and boisterous boys who keep me on my toes constantly, and a lovely partner so all in all I'm quite a lucky girl in this part of my life.

2. Chocolate

I have a seriously sweet tooth and can never resist anything chocolatey, accept chocolate with fruit in I am not a big fan of that (to me it's like have pineapple on pizza, two things that in my opinion don't belong together) don't get me wrong if I fancy chocolate and that's all there is I will gladly eat around the fruit!

3. Reading

I love a good book, I like ones that keep so me engrossed that I find myself holding a book in one hand whilst multitasking with other like cooking tea ironing sorting washing etc.

4. Crime documentaries

I could (and quite often do) spend hours and hours watching crime documentaries and movies, I like all different ones and one of my favorite movies based on a true story is talhotblonde which is based on an actually case (if you haven't seen it I would recommend it)

5. Cult programs

As weird as it sounds I love programmes about cults, I find it interesting to see how these people live there lives. I'm sure my partner sometimes thinks he's gonna come home one day to find me wearing a prairie dress with a bun in my hair

6. My Mum

I know I've already covered family up above, but honestly this woman is so special to me she deserves her own category, anytime night or day if I have a problem big or small I phone her and have a little rant and she calms me down and levels me out.


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