Sunday, 9 December 2018

My Top Christmas Reads of 2018 - Collab With Foundations and Fairytales

Today I am really excited to be doing a collaboration with Jess from Foundations and Fairytales. I have followed Jess for a while now and she is a really lovely blogger who loves Disney, reading and makeup. While I am not doing Blogmas myself, Jess is, and when she asked if anyone wanted to collab I was pleased to join in. So today we are talking Christmas Reads! I am sharing my favourite Christmas books of 2018, while Jess over on her blog is sharing her favourite Christmas books. So lets get started shall we.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Cover Reveal - Dead Memories by Angela Marsons

She ruined their lives.  Now they’re going to destroy hers.  

‘Someone is recreating every traumatic point in your life.  They are doing this to make you suffer, to make you hurt and the only possible end game can be death.  Your death.’


Murder of Linda Bailey Brown

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